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Author: topstuf
Date: September 4, 2020

Best American Girl Dolls 2020 - Make Your Girl Happy And Proud

Toys are an essential part of the child's life as they found their best friend in it, and the children like to share everything with them instead of their mom and any other family member. Giving your child his/her favorite toy will make them feel that their dream has come true. They will feel that they have accomplished everything in their life.

As we are talking about toys, the most admired toys amongst kids are dolls. A doll holds a vital place in a kid's life as they find their best friend and soul mate in it. Dolls are being the child's best friend since decades; dolls look like a human, and they are manufactured considering the girl's requirements. The appearance of a doll is like an ordinary girl or an angel etc.

In this piece of writing, we will discuss the best American girl dolls because these dolls are trendy amongst kids and adults. Such dolls look like an ordinary American girl, and each doll's packaging consists of a motivational message for encouraging kids to do something like them.


Our top choice:

Dolls are a type of toy that can be found everywhere on the globe easily, and there is en number of variety available in the market considering online and offline both. Here we have classified some of the fantastic dolls with have made by some reputed manufacturers. It is necessary to buy such products considering a child's requirement, so here we are to serve you with our paramount products.

  1. Journey Girls 18" Doll – Kyla

UGLYDOLLS Ox Large Plush Stuffed Toy, 18.5" Tall
  • The bigger, the better: Ugly dolls ox big plush figure is 18. 5 inches tall.
  • Stuffed toy with a style all his own: inspired by the epic animated movie, Ugly dolls,...
  • Sew soft: embroidery details create a stuffed toy with quirky personality and soft, cozy...
  • Collect Ugly dolls big snugglers: there are 2 large Ugly dolls plush figures to collect --...

A fantastic doll that comes at a reasonable price; this doll is named Kyla, and she is an artist, Kyla loves to express herself through her photographer skills. This doll considered a keen observer who always seems to capture the perfect moments and keeps those things along with her as a memory. It is 18 inches tall, which makes it a real baby girl, and this doll can be carried conveniently, and Kyla comes along with dresses that are inspired by its fashion. The hair of this doll is rooted, and expressively hand-painted face gives it a realistic look. As the baby girls love to dress up and they also love to do some makeup stuff, so this doll Kyla will be an ideal choice for those girls to choose as its clothes are interchangeable. Preferably kids up to 6 years of age can play with it.


  • It will be an ideal gift item for a baby girl
  • This doll is 18 inches tall
  • The manufacturers are providing interchangeable outfit


  • No cons found


  1. American Girl WellieWishers Ashlyn Doll

American Girl WellieWishers Ashlyn Doll
  • Ashlyn is a princess-in-training (and party-planner Extraordinaire)
  • She's just the one to turn a friend's frown upside-down
  • This 14.5" (36.8 cm) doll is sized just right for younger girls
  • She has brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and long silky brown hair that can be brushed and...

The American girl's wellie wishers Ashlyn doll is very adorable in appearance; this is a princess –in-training doll, which means this doll is getting trained for becoming a princess. The pink dress, along with straight hair, makes it gorgeous, and it is 14.5 inches tall so the kids can give her a hug easily. Her brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and long sliky and straight brown hairs (which can be brushed easily), such things of this particular doll makes it, though we have selected this doll based on American girl dolls reviews. The manufacturers of this product have detailed this doll in such an adorable way so that you cannot stop yourself from buying it, though this doll is quite expensive, but it is lesser than a child's happiness. The pinkish look of this doll can make you its fan very easily.


  • This is the most adorable doll
  • The pink dress up along with straight hair is tremendous
  • Its 14.5 inches size makes it more huggable


  • It is quite expensive


  1. American Girl WellieWishers Camille Doll

American Girl WellieWishers Camille Doll
  • Camille adores the ocean-and she's mellow as a mermaid
  • She's the one her friends turn to when they need someone to listen. A tie-dye print skirt...
  • This 14.5" (36.8 cm) doll is sized just right for younger girls
  • She has blue eyes, a freckle on one cheek, and silky blond hair that can be brushed and...

American Girl WellieWishers Camille Doll is a charming doll that has ocean blue eyes, and her mellow as a mermaid makes it more adorable. She is capable of making friends easily, and the kid adores her. It's tie-dye print skirt with a handkerchief, and a glittery mesh layer on top and a bow at the waistband adds charm to its personality. This doll is 14.5 inches tall, which makes it more huggable and adorable; it is a doll that can be your baby girl's friend very easily. The American girl has manufactured the finest doll amongst any other company. If you love this option there are more dolls for girls like this.


  • The cute size of 14.5 inches makes it more adorable
  • Its ocean blue eyes make it charming
  • The dress and blonde hair of this doll makes it more charming


  • It is expensive
  • You can find more variable in this price


Here are some frequently asked questions

How much can an American doll cost?

This doll isn't expensive enough because it starts at $95 and ends at $600 or maybe more.

What is the right age of playing with an American girl doll?

The standard age requirement is starting age 5+

What are the most famous American dolls?

There several American dolls available in the market but here we are mentioning some of the best and popular American dolls, let's have a look:

Josefina Montoya
Julie Albright
Samantha parkington
Felicity merriman
Melody Ellison
Kit Kittredge
Addy walker
Molly mclntire


Now we are here with a conclusion that is dolls hold a vital place in a kid's life as they see their best friend in it because of this; the kids like to share their feelings with them instead of any other person. So it is necessary to keep the child's requirements into your notice as getting the things they dream that off will be a miracle in their life. Here we have mentioned some of the best American dolls so that you would be at ease while making the right choice according to your child's requirements and also consider reading our article about best barbie dolls for girls.

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