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Author: topstuf
Date: February 13, 2019

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit In 2020 - Top Reviews and Buying Guide

If you want to achieve the best makeup finish as well as long-lasting effects, then investing in a decent airbrush makeup kit is absolutely necessary. In this article, we will demystify some of the main aspects of these products and we will assist you in finding the best airbrush makeup kit in 2020.

What you should keep in mind when you are trying to find the best airbrush makeup kit

In order to make sure that you are getting a kit that can live up to your expectations, there are several factors that you should consider before making a purchase. Here is a brief look at the main ones that you should focus on.

Intended use

Before making a purchase, you need to identify your intended use first. Kits that are destined for professional use have a superior finish and are generally more long-lasting. On the other hand, they tend to be more expensive and they come with a steeper learning curve.

The products

A great airbrush kit should include all the essential products that are required for obtaining a flawless makeup finish. Besides the compressor and the gun, it should ideally come with different shades of foundation, a concealer, and a moisturizer.

The coverage

You should have a clear idea of the coverage that you want before buying the kit. This is especially the case if you are planning to use the foundation on your saloon customers.

Ease of application

This factor depends on your level of experience and whether you are intending to use the kit for a salon or at home. If you are a beginner, stick to sets that are simple to maneuver around and feature smooth and buildable makeup products that are easy to apply.

Maintenance requirements

Maintenance requirements vary from unit to unit. While some require frequent cleaning and regular maintenance, other compressors can last for a long time without the need for any preventive steps. Don’t forget to check the instructions so that you can stay on top of the maintenance requirements of your kit.

The price

Airbrush makeup kits are typically more expensive than other makeup products. This is even more so the case if you want professional-grade quality. Generally speaking, the price range of these products is between $50 and $250. While you might be able to find options that are cheaper than that, their quality and consistency will be questionable to say the least.

Top 5 best airbrush makeup kit in 2020

1 - Pinkiou Air Brush Kit for Face Paint with Mini Compressor

Airbrush Makeup Set Pinkiou Air Brush Kit for Face Paint with Mini Compressor 0.4mm Needle and...
268 Reviews
Airbrush Makeup Set Pinkiou Air Brush Kit for Face Paint with Mini Compressor 0.4mm Needle and...
  • Excellent Airbrush makeup Kit for both professional and personal use. Ideal for Face...
  • Made with high quality precision components that enable the airbrush to work efficiently...
  • Quite and durable mini compressor. Portable light weight and easy to carry around. Three...
  • Suitable with most Brand water base airbrush foundation. Please do clean the airbrush...

The Pinkiou Air Brush Kit for face paint is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive sets on the market. It has all the qualities that you want from an airbrush makeup kit; it is highly affordable, it is versatile, and it comes with all the necessary accessories that ensure a smooth and convenient use. The gun and compressor that are included in the package are extremely precise and are designed to handle prolonged and extensive use.

Another great thing about this kit is that it is ideal for both professional and personal use. Whether you are planning to use it for temporary tattoos, face paint, nail art, or any type of craft project, you can expect a consistent and reliable performance at all times.

The pros  

  • The price is low
  • The components are easy to clean and maintain
  • It is extremely versatile and can easily undertake various types of projects
  • It is ideal for both professional and personal use
  • The mini compressor is very durable

The cons

  • It comes with a learning curve
  • There is no built-in mechanism that helps reduce vibrations

2 - Tickled Pink Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Kit with 89% Organic Water Based Makeup

Tickled Pink Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Kit with 89% Organic Water Based Makeup Infused with Organic...
109 Reviews
Tickled Pink Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Kit with 89% Organic Water Based Makeup Infused with Organic...
  • Now with 2 year warranty on compressor and free lifetime maintenance and support for the...
  • Free lifetime support from our inhouse licensed Esthetician.
  • Each Kit Comes with 3 1/2oz sizes of foundation + Moisturizer + WaterProof Sealant
  • Extremely easy to use, even if it's your first time!

This is another great kit that comes with everything that you would need for a full range of use. The main thing that sets the Tickled Pink kit apart from other packages is the fact that it features one of the most potent foundations on the market. Its aloe vera-based formula makes it the perfect option for people with dry skin. Furthermore, the kit includes a high-quality moisturizer and a waterproof sealant that helps extend the longevity of the foundation.

The products that are provided by the Tickled Pink Kit are also rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which make them a safer and much healthier option than the competition. As for the application process of these products, it is remarkably easy and can be effectively done by a complete beginner.

The pros

  • The included moisturizer improves the texture of the makeup
  • The foundation has decent coverage
  • It is easy to operate
  • The kit is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime support
  • It produces no smudges

The cons

  • It is quite expensive
  • The makeup that comes with it is on the heavy side

3 - TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit Light/Medium Mineral Foundation 6 piece makeup set

TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit Light/Medium Mineral Foundation 6 piece makeup set
85 Reviews
TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit Light/Medium Mineral Foundation 6 piece makeup set
  • Water and Mineral based airbrush makeup line that uses only the finest quality ingredients...
  • Mineral makeup provides better coverage and is great for covering acne, scars, uneven skin...
  • Gluten Free, Oil Free, Silicone Free, Paraben Free and made in the USA
  • TRU makeup contains a soy protein that provides incredible longevity, up to 18 hours of...

This kit offers a lot of value and comes in five eye-catching color options. It is primarily designed to accommodate sensitive skin and the water-based formula of the products is specifically geared toward that aspect. More importantly, they are free of any harsh chemicals such as parabens and silicone, so you will never have to worry about skin irritation of persistent rashes. Besides the compressor and the stylus, the package comes with two foundations and a berry blush.

The coverage that is offered by the TRU airbrush kit is rather comprehensive and is tremendous for covering a wide array of skin imperfections. As for the consistency and staying power of these makeup products, it is simply exceptional. This is in part due to the high concentration of soy protein, an element that is extremely effective when it comes to boosting longevity.

The pros

  • The kit comes with a durable carrying case
  • The products are specifically tailored to the requirements of sensitive skin
  • The coverage is decent
  • It employs soy protein for a more long-lasting effect
  • It blends very easily

The cons

  • It requires frequent cleaning
  • The foundation has a subtle orange tint

4 - Temptu 2.0 Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit

Temptu 2.0 Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit (Black)
30 Reviews
Temptu 2.0 Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit (Black)
  • TEMPTU 2.0 Airbrush Compressor
  • TEMPTU SP-40 Cosmetic Airbrush
  • TEMPTU 12 Color S/B Foundation 1/4 oz Starter Set
  • TEMPTU Airbrush Cleaning Kit

This kit is a little bit on the expensive side and it is mainly for people who are willing to invest for a luxury product.  As you would expect from an airbrush makeup kit at this price point, the color selection that you are getting with this unit is fairly wide. You can choose from 12 shades of foundations that fit any skin tone or complexion. The makeup is remarkably consistent and you can expect to wear it for a whole day without having to reapply it multiple times. The package also includes a well-designed airbrush cleaner as well as a full cleaning kit.

The pros

  • The makeup has good coverage and it is long-lasting
  • The range of color options is quite wide
  • The foundation can accommodate all skin tones
  • It comes with a complete cleaning kit
  • The application process is easy

The cons

  • The foundation contains silicone which is not ideal for people with sensitive skin
  • The price is too high

5 - Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit

Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit/Fair to Medium Shades (Matte- Finish)
266 Reviews
Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit/Fair to Medium Shades (Matte- Finish)
  • Photo Finish Airbrush Makeup kit for the most flawless finish, sheer to full coverage for...
  • Unlike traditional makeup (where you rub makeup into your skin), airbrushing sprays a fine...
  • Photo Finish airbrush makeup lasts as long as 24 hours without smearing, running, fading...
  • No animal testing , Made in the US and no alcohol or harmul Parabens

The last product in our list is a decent and affordable kit that is destined for professionals who are operating on a tight budget. This comprehensive set includes all the essential components that you need for salon use. This includes 6 shades of foundation, a concealer, a blush, a highlighter, a finishing powder, and a primer with moisturizing properties. Moreover, all the products come in a high-quality carrying bag.

The professional-grade quality of this kit is easily noticeable in the smoothness and flawlessness of the finish. It settles seamlessly into the skin and the full coverage that it offers is effective in evening out all types of skin. In addition to this, the makeup is very consistent, long-wearing, and highly resistant to water and smudges.

The pros

  • This is one of the most affordable professional kits on the market
  • The available shades are exquisite
  • The makeup is consistent and long-wearing
  • The foundation is waterproof and does not smudge
  • It offers good coverage

The cons

  • The application process might be too difficult for a beginner
  • The kit does not offer enough variety for the blemish corrector

The verdict

Whether you are planning to use your airbrush makeup kit in a salon or at home, you still need to take the time to learn as much as possible about it before committing to a purchase. On top of reading our reviews multiple times, we recommend that you go over some customer feedback so that you can get an idea of the level of traction that the product boasts on the market.


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