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Author: topstuf
Date: November 19, 2021

Best 6x9 Speakers: Buyer’s Guide & Top 5 Picks 2024

If you want to add more punch to your car audio system and improve the quality of the sound it makes, the best thing you can do is replace the factory speakers with a brand-new set of the best 6x9 speakers! If you’re not too familiar with these types of car speakers, the first thing we need to make clear is what 6x9 means. It refers to the size of the speakers, that is, their approximate height and width, expressed in inches. What this means is that they’re pretty large, so it’s fair to expect them to reproduce a loud and powerful audio.

6x9 speakers are going to take your experience to a whole new level, making you wonder why you didn’t throw away the factory speakers sooner. Not only can they create powerful bass that’s going to shake every single cell in your body, but quality 6x9 speakers can also add to the accuracy of the sound of the entire car stereo system.

6x9 Speakers Buying Guide

Replacing the old factory speakers with new 6x9 speakers is not something you’re supposed to do too often. This is a kind of job that’s done every couple of years. Otherwise, you might have to go through the whole fuss all over again in just a few years.

The good news is that, these days, you can find premium-quality 6x9 speakers without spending too much money. The reason why they’re pretty affordable is that the competition is huge. The fact is that there are lots of manufacturers out there who are making top-quality 6x9 speakers.

But, because the offer is so large, you will have to invest a little bit of your time in order to find the very best product. Otherwise, you would be risking buying a set of speakers that aren’t that good. Luckily for you, you have us to guide you through the whole process. We’re now going to show you which specs you need to pay attention to when shopping for the best 6x9 car speakers!

Frequency Response

The human ear can register sounds with the frequency in the range between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. So, obviously, the broader the range of frequencies the speakers can play, the better. The thing is that most speakers on the marker have no problems playing mids and high-pitched sounds, but they’re not very good when it comes to playing bass.

If you’re a fan of deep bass, you better look for 6x9 speakers whose frequency response starts at 20-30 Hz. You might not be able to actually hear such low frequencies, but you’re definitely going to feel them deep inside your body.

Of course, there’s another alternative for bass-lovers. Even if you don’t buy a set of the 6x9 speakers for bass, you can achieve a superb low-pitch sound kick by adding a subwoofer of your car’s stereo.

Power Handling

Obviously, the rule of thumb here is: the more the better! But, mind you, manufacturers like to use a kind of trick to make their speakers seem more powerful. What they do is that they focus on the peak power handling. What’s more important is the power output that the speakers can deal with continuously, without any problems along the way.

Surely, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the peak power rating of the speakers, but you definitely need to pay more attention to the RMS. You’re probably now wondering how much RMS is enough. Well, everything more than one hundred is good enough.


You don’t need your 6x9 speakers to have an extreme power handling rating if their sensitivity is decent. Basically, the more sensitive the speakers are the less power they will use to create the maximum audio. In simple terms, the higher the sensitivity rating, the louder the speakers are.

Build Quality

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specification that can show you with certainty whether a speaker is going to last long or break in a few months’ time. So, how are you supposed to judge the quality and durability of 6x9 speakers?

One of the things that could be insights to the longevity of speakers is the brand that made them. If the manufacturer of the speakers is famous for the quality and durability of its products, the chances are that your speakers are gonna work fine as well.


It’s always good if the speakers come with a warranty given by the manufacturer. That way, if something goes wrong, the manufacturer is obliged to take care of the problem or provide you with a brand-new product.

Usually, the warranty period is 12 months, but manufacturers who are confident of the quality of their products give even longer warranty periods.


Buying 6x9 speakers doesn’t mean that your job is done. You need to mount them into your car properly. But, before doing that, first, you need to dismount the factory speakers. Obviously, you want the whole process to be done as quickly as possible.

One of the things that can make the installation process quicker is the design of the 6x9 speakers. If they have a shallow mount, you will be able to install them easily without making any big adjustments. Furthermore, it’s also very good if the speakers come with mount gear included in the package.

It's also really easy to control 6x9 speakers when you add to your car a nice double din head unit. However, it's not necessary and works really well in both ways.

Best 6x9 Speakers That You Can Buy in 2024

Rather than letting you go through hundreds of different 6x9 speaker reviews and reading all kinds of specs you don’t even know what they mean, we’ve decided to do the hard work for you.  We’re now going to present you with our top 5 picks for the best 6x9 car speakers on today’s market. So, with no further ado, here they are!

1. JBL GTO939

JBL GTO939 GTO Series 6x9" 300W 3 Way Black Car Coaxial Audio Speakers Stereo
  • 6 x 9-inch three-way loudspeaker pair.
  • Plus One woofer cone with rubber surround
  • Adjustable mylar-titanium tweeter and supertweeter with level control
  • 300 Watts peak power handling; 2 ohm impedance

JBL really did a good job designing these speakers, making their carbon-injected cone pretty large. In turn, a large surface made the speakers better in handling lower frequencies. This is the reason why JBL GTO939 can play some very low-frequency sounds.

Another great news for bass-lovers is that these 6x9 speakers are also very powerful and have a pretty decent sensitivity rating. All of this means is that they can play deep bass that’s going to shake your whole body up.

Of course, JBL GTO939 aren’t just about deep bass; these speakers also perform great when it comes to playing mids and high-pitch audio. The sound they reproduce is very accurate and super-clean, so even the biggest audiophiles should be satisfied with their performances.


Frequency response – Thanks to the use of the trademarked JBL Plus One cone, these speakers can play very low-frequency sounds. In fact, their frequency response starts at 20 Hz and ends at 20 kHz.

Power handling – The RMS power handling rating of these speakers is 150 Watts, while the maximum power they can handle is 300 Watts.

Sensitivity – With 94 dB being their sensitivity rating, these speakers are capable of playing some really loud music.


  • Impressive bass
  • Accurate sound at all frequencies
  • Very loud
  • 5-year warranty
  • Affordable price


  • Require professional installation

2. Kenwood KFC-6995PS – Powerful Speakers Creating Flawless Sound

JBL GTO939 GTO Series 6x9" 300W 3 Way Black Car Coaxial Audio Speakers Stereo
  • 6 x 9-inch three-way loudspeaker pair.
  • Plus One woofer cone with rubber surround
  • Adjustable mylar-titanium tweeter and supertweeter with level control
  • 300 Watts peak power handling; 2 ohm impedance

The first thing you will notice about these speakers is that they look really nice. Kenwood KFC-6995PS don’t just look really mighty; they actually are very powerful. Their power handling is really impressive, so you will be able to use them to play the music loudly.

And even if you turn the volume up to the maximum, no distortions will happen. Kenwood KFC-6995PS speakers are famous for the clarity of the sound they produce, at almost all the frequencies that the human ear can register.

Another reason why buying Kenwood KFC-6995PS 6x9 speakers would be a good choice is that they’re very sturdily built. Same as any other Kenwood product, these speakers too are known for their durability. They almost never break and even if they do, the manufacturer will fix the problem for free, as long as it happened during the first year after the purchase.

All of this has probably made you think that these speakers are expensive, but just the opposite is the case. Kenwood KFC-6995PS are among the cheapest 6x9 speakers on the market!


Frequency response – These speakers can reproduce the audio in the range between 60 Hz and 20,000 Hz.

Power handling – The RMS rating per speaker is 125 Watts, meaning that the pair can handle a continuous power of 250 Watts. When it comes to the peak power handling, Kenwood KFC-6995PS speakers can handle as much as 1300 Watts.

Sensitivity – The sensitivity rating of these speakers is 88 decibels, which is more than enough considering how powerful they are.


  • Very accurate sound
  • No distortions
  • Extremely great power handling
  • Decent sensitivity rating
  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Not too deep bass

3. Kicker

If you don’t want to spend too much money on 6x9 speakers, but you still want them to be able to put on a good audio performance, Kicker DS693 might be exactly what you need. These speakers create very accurate distortion-free sound at a wide range of frequencies.

Their power handling might not be too impressive, but their sensitivity rating definitely is. What this means is that they won’t have any problems playing top-quality audio very loudly. The final reason why we heartily recommend getting these 6x9 speakers is that they’re super-easy to install. They even come with all the mount gear you need.


Frequency response – The frequency response goes down as much as 30 Hz meaning that bass-fans are gonna really love. Unfortunately, they’re not too good at playing high frequencies. The highest frequency they can reproduce is somewhere at the 16 kHz mark.

Power handling – One speaker can handle 70 Watts of continuous power, while the peak power rating is 140 Watts.

Sensitivity – With the sensitivity of 92 dB, these speakers can play the audio really loudly.

Installation hardware – These speakers come together with grilles and all the other mounting gear you need to install them easily.


  • Very cheap
  • Impressive bass
  • Accurate sound
  • Decent sensitivity rating


  • Not too great when it comes to playing highs

4. Pioneer

Even if you don’t have a powerful amp, these speakers are going to leave you speechless with their performances. But, if you pair these 6x9 speakers with amp, you’re going to create an out-of-this-world experience.

The reason is that Pioneer TS6900PRO 6x9 speakers are extremely powerful. Not only can they handle a lot of Watts, but their sensitivity rating is equally amazing. This makes them some of the most powerful speakers you can find on today’s market.

On top of that, they’re really good when it comes to the sound quality. Pioneer TS6900PRO are capable of reproducing distortion-free sounds in a wide range of frequencies. They’re also very sturdily built, which you would expect from a Pioneer-made product.


Power handling – The RMS rating of these speakers is 100 Watts, while the maximum power they can handle is 600 Watts.

Frequency response – Pioneer TS6900PRO reproduce audio in the frequency range of 29-40,000 Hz, which basically covers all the frequencies that the human ear can hear or feel.

Sensitivity – Not only do they have superb power handling ratings but these speakers also have amazing sensitivity, which makes them the loudest 6x9 speakers on our list.


  • Superb power
  • Extremely loud
  • Deep bass
  • Clear audio
  • Sturdy & durable


  • Could’ve been a bit cheaper

5. Polk Audio

Not only can you use them for your car, but Polk Audio DB691 6x9 speakers can also be installed in boats. The reason is that they’re marine-certified, meaning that weather conditions don’t have an impact on them.

What this means is that Polk Audio DB691 are super-sturdy and extremely durable, but what about their audio performances? Well, they’re pretty loud and their frequency response is very impressive. However, when it comes to the sound clearness, they’re not as good as the speakers we previously discussed.


Frequency response – These speakers can play audio in the frequency range between 35 and 22,000 Hz. This means that they’re equally good for deep bass, mids, and high-pitched sounds.

Power handling – They might not be too impressive when it comes to power handling as their RMS rating is 100 Watts, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t loud. On the contrary, their amazing sensitivity rating saves the day.

Sensitivity – With 93 decibels, these speakers are among the best in terms of sensitivity.

Installation gear – Polk Audio DB691 come with all the installation hardware you need, so mouthing them into your car or boat is not difficult.


  • Marine-certified
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Impressive frequency response
  • Pretty loud


  • Power handling isn’t too impressive

Frequently Asked Questions About 6x9 Car Speakers

If there’s something you don’t understand about 6x9 speakers, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

  • Do I need a powerful amp to go with my 6x9 component speakers?

It’s not necessary, but if you want to take your car stereo to a whole new level, you better get a quality amp as well as a quality set of 6x9 speakers.

  • Which brands of 6x9 speakers are considered the best?

Some of the brands that are considered the best in the world of car audio equipment include JBL, Kicker, Pioneer, Alpine, Polk Audio, and so on. These companies are famous for the quality of their products, as well as their attitude toward customer support.

  • How much money is it okay to pay for a pair of 6x9 speakers?

Buying cheap products means that there’s a risk that they’ll break or disappoint you with their performances. This is why it’s definitely a good decision to pay a bit more for a quality pair of speakers. That said, you can find superb 6x9 speakers for about 100 dollars.

Final Word

Without a proper set of 6x9 speakers installed in your car, you’re not going really going to enjoy the audio experience. But, you can change that easily by getting yourself a pair of best 6x9 car speakers! Such speakers are going to add a lot to the quality of bass, mids, and highs.

Buying the best 6x9 speakers also mean that you won’t have to worry that they would break if you turn the volume up. These speakers are made to last long and provide you with nothing but amazing performances along the way. So, which 6x9 speakers are the best? Well, choose a set of speakers we reviewed above and you won’t make a bad choice!

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