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Author: topstuf
Date: June 12, 2020

Amazonite – Overview, Properties, And Popular Jewelries

Buying precious gemstone is one of the fun things to do. These are impressive, looks great, attractive, and contain several properties. Many types of crystals are available in the market and one of the common choices is Amazonite. Despite the affordability of bismuth, Quartz and Agate, the popularity is Amazonite is not getting compromised.

The reason behind this thing is, long-lasting shine, hard to break properties, higher melting points and genuine price. Amazonite is also known with another name called Amazonstone. It is a green colored tectosilicate mineral. This material is used in the manufacturing of affordable jewelry which makes it popular choice to consider over the other ones.

You can buy Amazonite crystal directly or you can get it installed into the jewelry for an attractive look. The shine of this stone isn’t the only good thing about it. You can find that, it offers some spiritual properties that can enhance the overall usability of same. During the purchase, you need to look after couple of factors including the key properties to grab the right product.

One amazing fact about this stone is, its name is derived from the Amazon River because these gemstones are usually obtained from this river. The same gemstone is in the use from ancient time, not medical use specifically because this study still requires so much clarification. The first description of the same is given in the 18th century as a distinct mineral only.



Properties of Amazonite crystal

Due to all the spiritual properties, mention in 18th century about the ancient time use, physical properties and more can ensure you toward the purchase of same. For a first-time buyer, it might be a mysterious crystal. If you are not sure about it then you can explore a little about the same in advance. This will help you know more about the same

  • Shiny Material – If you will touch amazonite crystal for the first time then you will find that it gives you a soft feel. The material is lot more like a glass marble and it has a green color finish. You can find different shades of green in the same. Most of them will be shiny.
  • Hardness Level – Most of the Amazonite stone can bear higher pressure and they have very hard material. When you press them with even with a hydraulic press, you will notice the hardness. This gemstone can easily bear more than 50 psi. This ensure the best use for sure.
  • Versatile Material – This product is used in plenty of jewelry. From necklace to ring, there are several types available which can make you buy it. Even, there are several spiritual properties connected to the same that can make you grab this over the other ones.

These are all the impressive properties that you can notice. Many people love to own Amazonite based on the affordability and if you want the same then you can rely on the same.

Health Benefits of Amazonite crystal (Spiritual ones mainly)

This blue green Amazonite crystal is loved for several reasons, and some of the health benefits make it unique in several manners.

  • Inner Healing – Mental strength is important than the physical health because it can motivate you toward the better change. With the use of Amazonite crystal, you can expect better healing properties for sure. It will let you feel calm, and relaxed that is good enough to act with ease.
  • Speaking from Heart – People who feel trouble to speak out what is inside their heart or poor in term to express their feeling will get better. This gemstone let them speak loudly what they are trying hard to. Those who are always struggling can rely on the use of Amazonite crystal.
  • Boost Chakra – According to Japanese and Indian Mythology, it is said that chakra is a flow of energy in human body. If your chakra is blocked by anything then you might feel the need of boosting chakra. Using Amazonite crystal will let you get rid of all the conflict inside the chakra and boost it up. It is a flow of positive energy which matters a lot.
  • Eradicate Inner Conflict – In the ancient times, most of the people had Amazonite crystal to get rid of any inner conflict. Having any sort of guilt inside the heart can make you feel bad and become the boundary. To set you out of limits, this stone is quite effective and there are many countries where people claim the same.

These are all the properties which can make you think toward the purchase of Amazonite crystal jewelry. During the first time of purchase, looking after the qualities matters a lot.

Jewelry Made up of Amazonite crystal

Heading over to online portals or market to check some of the best Amazonite jewelry then you can find several types. The plethora is based on the use of a small crystal. It is not only available in necklace but you can find other types of jewelry in the same category. For the first time buyers, this guide will ease up the work. Let’s have a look –

Amazonite Necklace

You may have seen necklace made up of gold where diamonds are used to make it look good. However, they are quite expensive and one of the best options is Amazonite necklace. These are not only cheap but these are very beautiful at the same time. You can find jewelry made up of silver and the crystal pieces are used into the same. It enhances the look in several manners. The best thing we noted toward such type of jewelry is sizing options.

You can find long necklace chains with a large Amazonite crystal used into the same. These crystals are cut into small pieces and then put into the silver casing. These are simple looking but if you are wearing something western then it will look good and make you feel better with the same. This is the reason that most of the people prefer Amazonite crystal necklace to have a collection. You can start collection from the necklace. Even, there are plenty of designs available into the same.

People who believe in the spiritual properties also consider getting the same. When Amazonite crystal is put into silver then it keeps you calm and relaxed. In case, you get it into the gold then the properties slightly change because gold is known for the anger and some attitude. You need to choose the base material wisely to get the best for your specific need.

Amazonite Ring

When you are heading over to buy some jewelry, specially a ring then you can consider getting best Amazonite ring. They look due to blue and green color stone inside the same. They can make you feel better because these are lightweight rings. The base is mostly silver and you can find such type of jewelry ranging from $10 to $15 most of the time. The price varies with the size of crystal so you must be selective during the purchase so that you get the best one.

It is also important that you look at the base of ring because it has some different properties which can make you attain different advantages. For the first time buyers, we suggest them to go after a reputed manufacturer who is offering hand-made rings. They can provide plenty of advantages and you can look after them with ease. Isn’t it an easier decision to consider over the other ones. You can obtain plenty of advantages with ease and it come in handy.

The design keeps on changing among rings but the fix thing is, you have silver base and a different sized crystal on the same. You can choose the size of ring and get a custom sized crystal into the same. This will help you eradicate most of the issues and save time with ease. Most of the first-time buyers usually have issue but you don’t need to worry about the same that’s how it works and you can consider it without any issue.

Amazonite jewelry

In the jewelry section, you have everything like necklace, rings, ear-rings, bralettes, and anklets. If you are getting the jewelry for spiritual properties then you can get whatever you want. From getting necklace to anklets, all the design is pretty good. Even, some websites are offering the option to get your custom Amazonite jewelry. You can tell the size you want including design, pattern, finish, and the size of stone. There is a huge variety available in the same which can come in handy.

When you are going to buy Amazonite jewelry for the very first time, you can consider a manufacturer that is offering pattern and finishes option. This will let you have a complete kit like your specific need. The only issue in buying jewelry online is, you can’t get the complete idea of finishes. It might frustrate and make you look after buying the same from market. Well, we assure you that buying online is better because you get better variety in term of design and you can get the latest pattern available in the market.

It is also handy to help you get the right product. When you are looking for all the types of jewelry, you can choose the reputed sources. The properties of Amazonite are same in all type of jewelry that’s why you can consider whatever you want. The cheap price is an additional advantage which can motivate you toward the purchase. Isn’t it handy and one of the best options to look after over the other ones?

What to consider during the purchase of amazonite jewelry?

When you are buying Amazonite jewelry for the first time, we suggest you looking at couple of factors. It might vary with the type of jewelry but you must consider the below mentioned factors to grab the right one –

  • Licensed Manufacturer – All the manufacturer is good to offer the best jewelry but some can fraud with you and sell you any other crystal on the name of Amazonite. In such cases, you might feel looted that’s why you can go with the licensed manufacturer to avoid this issue.
  • Base of Jewelry – You can find plenty of base options available that can help you. From gold to silver, you can choose any of the type. Make sure that you think before buying any because the spiritual properties vary with the base used inside the same.
  • Size – If you are buying necklace then you must know about the size of chain and if you are buying ring then you still need to check out the size. Most of the manufacturer offer the option to choose whatever size you want. This will come in handy to save your money and feel secured during the purchase. Isn’t it helpful for sure.
  • Reviews – To testify whether the deal is reliable or not, you can have a look at reviews. It will help you know about subtle details and eradicate most of the doubts from mind. It assures the purchase of best quality product with ease. Isn’t it helpful?

These are the major factor to check. You can look after the price factor and compare it to grab the right type of jewelry to your need. Buying Hand-crafted jewelry is important to avoid any issue. These are mostly the important things that you must not avoid.


No one like to buy a cheap quality Amazonite jewelry. In such cases, you need to be selective and find out the top-notch manufacturer. It is helpful taking the right decision and grabbing the right deal with ease. Most of the people are considering same to avoid all the trouble. You can rely on the same and it will help you in several manners.

Few people underestimate the spiritual properties of Amazonite and if you feel the same then you must give it a try.. Hope, you have gathered all the necessary details about Amazonite and jewelry made from the same.

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