How to buy a Camera Drone?

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A camera drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to carry a high-definition video or photo camera for the purpose of taking aerial photographs or video.

Before buying a camera drone you have to decide what are you going to use it for: Agriculture, Real Estate Marketing, Film/Movie industry, News & Live Events, Law Enforcement, Land Management, Construction, Mining, Utility Inspection, For Fun or All combined?

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The main factors are:

– Quality of image (Today’s emerging standard is 4k)
– Camera and Gimble (integrated – more control, but ages faster).
– Flight automation
– Camera automation
– Range
– Price

I found great infographics covering Camera Drones Buying Guide:

How to buy a camera drone


For more reviews and infographics go to the https://topstuf.com homepage 🙂

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