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Author: topstuf
Date: July 19, 2019

Best Olive Oil Shampoo - Buying Guide and Top Product Reviews 2020

Benefits of olive oil shampoos for your hair are numerous, starting with the fact that these types of products are usually 100% natural. This means that they contain no added chemicals, which could cause damage to your hair, skin, or potentially cause some allergic reactions. Here we bring you Best 3 Olive Oil Shampoo Products on the Market.


These kinds of shampoos come with plenty of nutrients essential for the health and beauty of your hair, which isn’t surprising considering that they’re based on olive oil. And olive oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E, vitamin K, and a few other substances, each of which can do wonders for your hair.

Apart from feeding the hair with the nutrients, it needs, olive oil has the ability to create a thin layer over the hair follicles, thus locking the moisture in. This way, using an olive oil shampoo can solve the problem of dry hair. Olive oil shampoos can also help you get rid of dandruff by feeding the skin cells on your scalp with all they need.

Finally, olive oil shampoos are also great for dealing with dirt. They will make your hair clean and beautiful. They will even make it smell wonderful, because most of these shampoos use plant-based flavors to give themselves a nice smell. We’re talking things like lavender, coconut, and so on.

Comparison Table

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How to Use Olive Oil Shampoo?

Olive oil shampoo is meant to be used in the same manner as any other hair shampoo. Just massage it into wet hair and try to reach the scalp. Leave it like that for a minute or two before rinsing. Because these shampoos are based on oil, our advice is to rinse your hair twice after applying olive oil shampoo. Otherwise, you’ll be risking that your hair would look greasy.

And how often should you wash your hair with olive oil shampoos? Well, it all depends on the type of hair, as well as on the properties of the shampoo. Still, generally speaking, it’s safe to use olive oil shampoo on a regular basis. After all, these are 100% natural products, so they can do you no harm.

Best Olive Oil Shampoo: Top 3 Picks

Although there are many olive oil shampoos out there, if you want the best one, you will need our help. Sure, you can’t go much wrong whichever product you pick. If it’s based on olive oil, it’s bound to provide your hair with many benefits. The trouble here is that you need to be sure that it’s olive oil that’s actually used, not some cheaper variant.

This is why sticking to reputable brands is the key here. Manufacturers who are using real olive oil, preferably extra virgin cold-pressed, are the ones you should look for. But, that’s not enough; you also need to pay attention to other ingredients.

Olive oil shampoos use many other ingredients apart from olive oil. And that makes perfect sense – a shampoo made of nothing but olive oil is actually regular olive oil. In order to get the most of it, the manufacturers need to use other ingredients that have hair-friendly properties.

And we’ve picked three such products. Each of these shampoos is based on olive oil, with an addition of various natural ingredients that will provide your hair with all it needs. So, let’s start with or reviews!

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1.      ORS Shampoo Olive Oil Creamy Aloe

ORS Olive Oil Moisture Restore Creamy Aloe Shampoo
  • Gently cleanses, detangles and softens
  • Removes product build-up without stripping hair
  • Restores needed moisture to dry, thirsty hair
  • Can be used as a neutralizing or clarifying shampoo

Made by Organic Root (ORS), which is one of the companies approved by Amazon itself. This means that you have nothing to worry about the truthfulness of what’s written on the label. If Amazon says this is a good brand, you have no reason not to trust it.

There are so many reasons why this might be the best olive oil shampoo you can find. First of all, its price is pretty reasonable, especially considering what you will be getting in return. And you’ll get a moisturizing shampoo that’s ideal for dry and damaged hair. It can repair your hair quickly for the fact that it’s made of two ingredients famous for their moisturizing effects. We’re talking about olive oil and aloe vera.


  • Affordable price
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Combination of olive oil and aloe vera


  • None


2.      Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo System 1

Nioxin System 1 Cleanser Shampoo, Natural Hair with Light Thinning, 33.8 oz
  • PROFESSIONAL HAIR AND SCALP CLEANSER SHAMPOO for fine, non chemically treated hair with...
  • DETOXIFYING SHAMPOO leaves hair growing healthily with body, volume and shine
  • CLEANSING SHAMPOO removes product build up, minerals, pollutants and toxins
  • CLEARS NUTRIENTS PATHWAYS at hair follicle sites without stripping essential oils, and...

This product has been labeled Professional Beauty by Amazon. This is a label that only top-quality professional-grade cosmetics products get. And that fact itself is a sort of proof that this olive oil shampoo is really awesome.

So, why is it so awesome? It’s because it’s made of a combo of botanicals and humectants, which together, supply the hair with all the nutrients it needs. The shampoo also has detoxifying properties, making it ideal for professional use. The only thing that’s not ideal about this shampoo is its price. Still, considering how good it is, we simply cannot say that it’s expensive.


  • Professional-grade shampoo
  • Detoxifying properties
  • Rich in hair-friendly nutrients


  • Its price could’ve been a bit lower


3.      Olive Oil Shampoo – Regis DESIGNLINE

Olive Oil Shampoo - Regis DESIGNLINE - Fortified with Olive Oil and Rich in Vitamins E and K to Help...
  • INTENSELY MOISTURIZING - This moisturizing and cleansing shampoo is infused with Fresh...
  • INTENSELY MOISTURIZING - This moisturizing and cleansing shampoo is infused with Fresh...
  • COLOR CONSERVATION - The olive oil's fatty acids rehydrate your hair, leaving it naturally...
  • ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE PROTECTION - Achieve soft and silky hair by using DESIGNLINE Olive...

Here’s another shampoo recommended by Amazon. Regis DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Shampoo is designed to rehydrate your hair and supply it with healthy minerals. It also comes with certain substances the purpose of which is to prevent color fade. The shampoo is apparently extremely efficient and you should see results after the first wash.

If you’re wondering why this shampoo is so efficient, it’s because it was designed by the people from the industry. Professional hair stylists played their role in the creation of this shampoo, creating a professional-grade product meant for people with dry and damaged hair.


  • Professional-grade product
  • Fast results
  • Helps repairing damaged hair follicles


  • Not a budget option


Wrapping It Up

There you have it, our picks for the best olive oil-based shampoos on the market. If you want to repair damaged hair or moisturize dry hair, such products are your perfect choice. Whichever olive oil shampoo you pick, you won’t get disappointed. Still, if you want the very best, just pick one of the three shampoos we reviewed above!

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